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Born in Ukraine, in half-jewish half-belorus family lineage, I have travelled across the continents and have lived, studied and worked in more than 22 countries, having had 10 years of international modelling career, followed by 10 years working as an Early Childhood Educator in Australia.

I came to the path of Yoga of the physical realm in 2004 and have been a dedicated practitioner since. Later on I went to India and studied Yoga and Ayurveda in Rishikesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Mumbai. As Yogic practices helped me on my healing journey I have been sharing with others what I have learned through the teachings and my own experiences. I spent a few years travelling across different continents, teaching Yoga and Ayurveda therapy at various Yoga retreats, luxury resorts, Yoga schools and ashrams.

When coming to India, Mumbai, in February 2022 I was initiated into Vihangam Yoga meditation, which opened me towards the path of the true essence of Yog (the Yoga of the spiritual realm). Since then I have been one of the lead Yoga instructors at Abhyas School of Yoga, chosen by the Master to impart the teachings of Yog and the message of health and well-being to the world. 

As I have been following the principles of how life is to be lived I have been communicating my own experiences and the instructions of the Master of Yog to others, becoming a messenger of the Master’s teachings to the world. Since joining Vihangam Yog organisation and ASY I have been trying to live my life as a life of service and pass on the instructions that I follow to others so they too can live their lives more consciously. 

Having been a part of Abhyas School of Yoga, I have been engaged into designing training materials for practitioners, conducting online Yoga classes, giving talks on Ayurveda and lifestyle for the retreat program guests, and extensively creating social media content through videos and posts to bring awareness to the world of the real essence of Yog. 

After being assigned to Mauritius centre I have been taking the organisational leaders through the transformative process towards a more enhanced life experience. At ASY Mauritius I have been engaged in international conference presentations and talks on Happiness and Emotional Well-Being as well as designing tailored courses for corporate organisational leaders to help bring the practical aspect of Yoga into real lives of those who are at the peak of the affairs. 

My greatest asset has been being under the guidance of the Masters of Yog - Sadguru Sadafal Deo ji Maharaj and Sant Shri Naam Deo ji Maharaj. It is their teachings that I have been imbibing. As I have been benefiting from these teachings I have been sharing the same with others so they could also benefit.

You were one of our all time best yoga therapists at the retreat. Still getting good comments from my guests whom you helped with your skills.

Janesh Vaidya

retreat owner and Ayurveda teacher, speaker and author.

I’ll always remember you with the deepest respect and affection for your efforts in making each session so effortless and inspiring. Thank you for being the best teacher a student could ever hope for. Your innovative teaching style and bright charisma has kept me driven all the time. Thank you for an amazing learning experience and for being part of my journey.

Sughanda Sharma

Yoga Teacher Training student

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