Sanctuaries apart

But closer than ever  

We found each other in the midst of the havoc

Blending syrup and honey

I rest assured in your healing energy of bliss

As if a mist of fresh air

I am able to come back to my senses

Your gentle spirit lifts me up

And takes me higher through the lenses 

Where i find peace

You see me crystal clear

Reflecting your truth 

From the walls of my mirror

Who were we? Children of heaven

Before embodying these identities 

Of separate entities 

I see your innocence 

The depth of your existence 

Is not this flesh you carry daily 

But sparkling light 

The light of the Creator mainly 

Mingling amongst the masses

Who flop along

As zombies unawakened

Your hurt is my hurt 

And  someone else’s hurt

Your joy is my joy

And someone else’s joy

When they did us wrong 

They also gave us freedom 

That was to be experienced 

As a gift from heaven 

It’s a polarity that throws you in the deep

You choose, you choose, you choose

What will you rip? 

An icing on the cake i say

But first let’s finish with the story 

That kept us hostage 

For millennia 

It’s done and dusted

Let’s trust it

The moment 

That’s unfolding like pulling of the tread

The path is mossy and we are bare

The naked truth of us is only fair

We are one, we are one, we are the only ONE.

Written by Alla Kozyreva


She is the sacred Earth that holds and nurtures. 

She is the daughter and the sister

Who embraces with all her might.

Her magic is in her naked body of flesh and blood.

Just being who she is, creating from her vessel,

She is a forever changing force of life,

Who’s natural state is running naked in the forest,

Howling her deep-seated urges 

For the Stars and the Moon to witness.

She was never broken, 

Even when her soul got fragmented and scattered into pieces,

She knew that all of herself was Divine and Whole.

Collecting her soul fragments and putting them together, 

Like puzzle pieces became her life long journey.

She didn’t know until she knew

What it was like to be loved.

Her completeness was in every particle of the Flower of Life

Encoded into her body, into her naked, full, receiving body.

She became undone under the influence of forces,

That told her that she wasn’t able, that told her she was limited, that

She was not worthy. 

And she wept,

Burring her truth in the darkness of her being, deep in the underworld.

She couldn’t bare the untruth when she became one of them.

The one who judges and pokes holes...

The shame...the disgust...

She believed them superficially.

Until she couldn’t anymore stand up. 

She yielded to the Earth,

Grabbing the dirt and squeezing it between her fingers.

She was hurting like the wounded animal 

To the very core of her being.

She heard the Earth crying the tears of mercy.

“Hold me as I am.” ,- She said,

And dropped her nakedness into the mud that consumed her.

She became her. Every cell regenerating,

Every molecule lighting up with vibration.

She created her story again. And she told it.

Written by Alla Kozyreva

no time

We are here yet not of this world

These bags of bones

Count more than a million years old

Taken from the Earth’s soil

Transformed into new flesh again at birth

Come back each time 

With an attempt to conquer our senses

Again and again

We loose our sense of worth

Which is eternal 

End up believing 

Consumption is all there is to life

We gratify the ego

Forgetting who we are at the core of our being

And what we came here for achieving 

We build the fences around our hearts

On false pretences we try to survive 

Without any meaning 

The hamster wheel keeps running high

Until there is nothing left to buy  

We start to cry and look for answers 

The mood is changing 

When the ancient scripture 

Reveals the truth of higher consciousness within 

Our existence is forever as a Soul

The bag of bones will cease to exist 

In the picture of the screen of life

No need to mourn, no need to cry

The Source Creator is the love we seek

This human mind is in ignorance 

It is confused, conditioned, it is weak

Massive error exists in the collective thinking 

Identified with nature we loose reality

Have been lied to all along

Abandoning the Source within

We believed the old damn song

Go search for

The spark that’s hidden in the heart

A size of a teeny tiny atom

Not visible with the naked eye

But scientists believe it’s all a lie

And that there will be nothing when we die

Discernment is needed

To identify the big “I”

The Self that is eternal will be waiting 

For your returning back home

When the time is ripe

Then there will be no time 

Then there will be no time 

Written by Alla Kozyreva

miracles are real

Loud barking of the wild dogs

Laying here in the heat of the night 

Waiting for my soul to be released into the light

Dreaming of the future 

How can I embrace the moment now?

And allow myself to nurture 

What has long been forgotten 

Uncertainty is the one that makes you shaky

They say embrace the wind that blows in all directions 

For the future is an illusion 

We are dwelling here in this pond of stillness 

The only way to freedom 

Is the softening of our hearts

Letting my emotions flow 

As if they taught me they are real?

I only wish i knew the formula 

But who is keeping all the secrets?

Tell me more every day

And I will act upon your glory

For all I have right now is this device 

And many other little miracles that tell the story

Sitting quietly I notice how the buzzing 

Is getting louder each day

It is a blessing when a creature

Is sent by heaven to deliver messages 

To keep me going 

On this unknown train carriage 

That I’ve been riding since the dawn of time

What for? They say

But let me tell you

It is the circle of the nature

That goes around like the planets spin 

Don’t have to know the answer now

Why not release it to the Angels

They take me under their wings

For that i am grateful 

And the rest will be ok

As always is

Surrender and let go of gripping 

No need to ponder anymore 

If it’s the answers i’ve been seeking 

They’ll find me forever more

It is the end and the beginning 

As i create a spinning wheel

They told me careful of dreaming 

I tell them miracles are real

Written by Alla Kozyreva

its always been you

When everything stops

I take a magnifying glass

And look inside the levels of my being

Who is this person i am calling me?

Do I know you? I feel like you have been waiting all this time to be acknowledged, 

To be seen in all your colours,

Dark and light and in between 

Anger creeps in and blows a whistle 

How can this be that you’ve been pushed to the back sit of this crazy ride?

I am in agony, how can this be that i’ve neglected your existence?

To be a fit into this bizzaro world that makes no difference?

Preoccupied with looks and things and power

At the expense of authenticity and freedom 

We tagged along like good old cattle

I may as well start eating grass

I let the dust within me settle

Holding a key to the doors of my cellar

It’s time to free her, the one and only

The love of my life i have been waiting for

Run, baby, fly, baby, scream, baby, 

You are no longer hiding

I touch her shoulders and we fly together 

Into the vastness of existence 

The many parts of me emerging and uniting

We are imprinted on both sides of this coin

Dressed in different outfits 

Playing different roles

Giving voice to all of them is a recipe for freedom 

I am coming home, baby,

Embrace me, hold me, love me

It’s always been you.

Written by Alla Kozyreva

By your side

Flying high in the sky

Engine roaring through a thousand miles

Covered with the layers of plastic matter

I think of us just now sharing smiles

While rushing through the roads of Bangalore

To the destined places we picked as our homes

Sweet sentiments are lingering in the air

Those memories made are ours forever 

How can the heart be so frozen 

But love the way the Soul dwells in nirvana 

Never forgetting our past lives chosen 

Already lived here on Earth over and over

When my Soul met your Soul we danced in heaven

Sprinkled with a fairy dust 

Hearts beating fast

Covered in magic layers

Staring at those coffee brown eyes 

That took me by surprise 

You couldn’t see them 

I was blessed by them another time

Even if it’s only for a little while 

I took a shot to feel your pure loving 

Without it I was a long time starving 

The Universal plan is only known to God

The yogic path will guide me to the timeline 

Already written on the wall 

Of my eternal Soul

I bless your pure heart 

When i imagine your curly hair standing up

As you rock up awakened in the morning 

Holding your coffee cup

I bless your pure heart 

Even if the lot we shared may not last

I wouldn’t change a thing from the time passed 

The numbers show the ending of this tide

Just turn around the corner and see the light

I will forever be by your side

Written by Alla Kozyreva

gentle beauty within

Who is this girl with a cheeky smile

Waiving to daddy, running wild

Twirling around to show off her dress

She desperately wants to impress

Picking wild flowers, making a crown

She will soon grow up and leave the town

Setting off to the foreign lands

In search of kind and gentle hands

Only what happened was not the case

She went away and lost her true face

Abandoned herself she lost the touch

And someone’s hands didn’t do much

She looked outside of herself for love

Waiting for someone to fit like a glove

Only to find that all this while

What she was missing was her own smile

What was needed was deep within

And loving herself was not a sin

It was in fact an act of grace

That brought her peace and once lost face 

She is now twirling around

Looking in the mirror fully found

Feeling wholesome and complete

Her own glove really does fit 

Written by Alla Kozyreva

The Little People

A still green pond, a Dragonfly’s home

I am healing my soul

While gazing out the window

Into the Nature’s Kingdom 

Sounds of the wings flapping 

Mixing in harmony and blending 

Like the flavours of the curry soup

My gratitude is overwhelming 

The prayer makes an appearance 

Uniting this Heaven on Earth experience 

We are the little people 

Wanting, craving, hoping 

But all we need is here

Love is all we are

Forgetting the truth of being 

We lie to gain approval 

Then in the need of healing 

Down we are kneeling 

We crumble 

No longer sober, no longer living

We lost the connection, we lost the meaning

To the truth of our souls

Adopted camouflage of a chameleon

Distorted, disregarded, diseased

We chase a million 

Disempowered, half-hearted

We cease to exist

Waiting to be saved by heaven and spoon fed 

Creator’s order flows from all directions 

Free will is what we claim

Creator beings is a game we play

Choosing wisely from a buffet of life

The plate is empty 

So take a spoon and dive

We are the little people 

Projecting ourselves onto this screen of light

Disillusioned, we grip to what we think is right

The good and evil was once a thought 

That birthed to life and spread like fungus

And the Nature was watching quietly 

When little people went to war fighting 

She was patiently motionless 

For the return of higher consciousness rising

The answers were planted

That little people took for granted 

They raped her creations 

Without considerations or questions 

Of what will be the cause and the affect

Of their actions 

Now she has risen

The Phoenix from the aches

To which she was then burned alive

You better tag along and join the ride

Or you can dig your head in sand and hide

She is your heaven, she is the one to thrive 

Written by Alla Kozyreva

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