“It was one of my first classes with Alla, and also I am a Yin Yoga beginner as well, and just Yoga in general. It was really relaxing, it made me feel very comfortable, because Alla was really good at leading people, but also making sure that everyone was comfortable in their own ability.”

Jessica, Australia

Julie, Australia

Josh, Australia

Monica, USA

I’ll always remember you with the deepest respect and affection for your efforts in making each session so effortless and inspiring. Thank you for being the best teacher a student could ever hope for. Your innovative teaching style and bright charisma has kept me driven all the time. Thank you for an amazing learning experience and for being part of my journey.

Sughanda Sharma



''So it was my first experience doing meditation, and I would like to thank Alla for that. The whole experience of waking up early in the morning and waiting for this moment, where I would realise something new with each meditation session was really great.”

Pradeep, India

Deepak, India

Karan, India

Rohan, India

I would like to thank Alla for bringing clarity about health and wellness as an important aspect to work upon.

I met her in Rishikesh, India and she helped me to get more knowledge about healing, living a natural lifestyle, which is the key to health and wellness.

She introduced me to my country's own ancient wisdom of health -Yoga and Ayurveda.

It changed me a lot last year after the Covid lockdown, and now I am living a lifestyle more consciously. I work, eat, sleep and do workout consciously.

She was the one because of whom I strongly got inclined towards Yoga and Ayurveda. Since then I have incorporated these two sister sciences in my life.

She is very good at explaining these two sciences and teaching how we are connected to nature, being micro components of the Cosmos.


Kamal Rawal



“I felt it was very beneficial for me to be met in my condition of how I was feeling when I came with very imbalanced Vata. So not too strenuous a process, but I felt very much met in my needs of my great fatigue and tension in my body and tiredness in my whole system. And I feel that the program that you made, Alla, was so supportive of me.” –

Maddira, Denmark.

You were one of our all time best yoga therapists at the retreat. Still getting good comments from my guests whom you helped with your skills.

Janesh Vaidya

retreat owner and Ayurveda teacher, speaker and author


In this video Meri shares how Ayurveda Yoga Therapy helped her current Kapha imbalance.

”I can really feel a lot of changes in my wellbeing. I feel less anxiety, less depressed. I also feel a lot more energetic to try a lot of new things.”

Meri, Spain

Alla has a truly gifted way of conduct when it comes to healing. She has been more than just a mentor for me. She has patience and a sense of understanding that makes a person feel absolutely safe when it comes to sharing their problems. She gave me a new sense of direction when it came to mental health as well as physical health and she is still to this day the person I turn to for right knowledge when it comes to wellness of mind, body, soul.

Disha Nahata

Yoga teacher & yoga therapist, india


“I have been going to Alla’s Yoga classes for three weeks doing both Hatha and Yin Yoga, which is something i’ve never done before, i’ve always done Vinyasa. Doing Hatha and Yin i really enjoyed it, because it’s more relaxed, it gives you more pause. Alla really encourages you to listen to yourself and pay attention to your body…”

Clara, Spain (artist).

Hi there Alla! Just wanted to say thanks so much for this morning's yin session. Something amazing happened to me afterwards! Long story, but basically I've really had trouble getting my period back after coming off birth control at the beginning of the year. I've seen a doctor, tried all sorts of foods and exercises but unfortunately to no avail. However, a few hours ago: voila, I got my period. I still can't believe it and I'm over the moon about it! I believe this morning's sessions truly worked wonders for me, so I just want to say thank you for offering your time and wisdom.

Lydia, Australia


“She is absolutely phenomenal.

She is the most knowledgeable Yoga teacher that I ever ever came across. I am not into Yoga, I am not a Yoga type of person but I attend some of her classes and actually I started to enjoy doing Yin Yoga, which is my favourite class because I could actually see the benefits for my back, my joints and my posture.”

Domingos, Portugal


In this video Tatjana shares how Ayurveda Yoga Therapy helped her current Vata imbalance.

”Alla was my private yoga instructor. She gave me valuable Asanas and practices. She met me daily at the center, corrected my posture, my work and with her help I have achieved great results. I started feeling better, energised, had a good sleep. I highly recommend her as a Yoga Therapist.”

Tatjana, Slovenia

I am so grateful for meeting Alla at my retreat in Sri Lanka. She is one of the most skilful and devoted yoga teachers I have ever met (trust me, I've met a lot). Alla's respectful and serious but still humorous way of teaching is rare, and I will remember and implement what I have learned in my own classes.

Sunniva Borge

Yoga & Mindfulness teacher, norway

Sri Lanka

“It was very difficult for me to meditate, to be still, to sit, to find this calmness within myself, and Alla gave us a few techniques, counting down from 100, that I am now really trying to use in my daily life...”

Isabelle, Switzerland

Dear Alla

Thank you so much for this programme and your time on Friday and Saturday.

This morning I have followed the full yoga practice after two days of only part practice.

I had an amazing day on Saturday after my session with you. I realised at some point that my mind had shifted into a move creative and problem-solving mode as though my whole nervous system had calmed down a significant degree.

Very encouraging! That is the first time I have experienced a significant shift like that after doing yoga.

Much love


Sri Lanka

”I was struggling a lot with digestion and through eating in Ayurvedic way it really helped me. It was really empowering, really powerful..."

Anais, United Kingdom

Hi Alla :) Before I leave the retreat I wanted to thank you for the special experience I had in your classes. When I first arrived I thought I already knew quite a lot about yoga and nothing would be really new to me, but the classes with you were very different in many ways. You are full of patience and give personal attention to each one, and I felt that you have a deep knowledge in many aspects of yoga. Thanks to you, I also discovered Yoga Nidra - that helped me with sleep disorders from the first time I experienced it with you. So there is no doubt that I learned something new that will even help me in the future as well. Thank you so much!

Naama, Israel

Sri Lanka

“After ten days I have a better hang of my movements and strength on my body, better balance...So, you have absolutely nothing to loose, everything to gain!...”

Despina, UAE

"Meeting Alla during our stay in Sri Lanka has definitely been transformational. I didn't know what I needed until I met Alla. The way she teaches with such positivity and gentleness and her softly spoken beautiful voice encourages and soothes all at the same time. My yoga practice has reached a new dimension because of her teaching and my husband, a complete beginner, has experienced true relief from a bad back that has plagued him for years with the guided movement Alla provided. Our discussions over meals have enlightened the path to an Ayurvedic lifestyle and as someone who has experienced stomach and digestive issues for many years the effect has been life changing."

With love Fiona and Lyndon



”Alla really got me hooked on Yoga and the sessions there. It was really great experience to feel how your body can relax, how it actually benefits you when you do Yoga, so this was very amazing...

I continued Yoga myself with a few tips from Alla...It's really life changing, you feel just so much better in your body. Before this i couldn't even imagine how this would feel, so i highly recommend Alla to you, definitely great Yoga teacher to start..."

Robin Fabianek, Digital Entrepreneur


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