How My Pain Got Me Into Yoga

From a young age I suffered from scoliosis. It’s a condition of the curving of the spinal column. Modern science doesn’t really know why it happens and how to cure it. There are methods to help manage it. If not managed, there will be sensations of pain, in my case it was pain in my lower back, shoulders and neck. 

What initially got me into yoga asana practice back in 2004 was the therapeutic effect that yoga asana had on relieving my back, shoulder and neck pain. It was a way to release any stiffness i felt in my body due to high Vata constitution and imbalances in my body.

At that time I didn’t know much about yoga philosophy and mainly practiced asana as a way to maintain a relatively pain-free body. However, the more I practiced, the more I noticed how the physical practice didn’t only help me to strengthen my spine, but also took me to my own spiritual self. 

It is my life purpose to offer the benefits of transformation to others, who are also seeking a relief from pain and an experience of a higher state of being.

I would like to share what I know and what I’ve experienced myself to significantly improve the lives of other people who are also seeking this transformation. Moving from pain to freedom, from lack of energy to vitality, from feeling lost and anxious to living more authentically daily.

Yoga asana takes you on a journey of discovering yourself. As you step onto the mat you have an opportunity to slow down and zoom into your organism, suddenly becoming aware of the way your breathing pattern is, the way your body feels deep inside, the kind of thoughts you are consuming, the wide range of emotions either being stuck or freely flowing through your body. Only when you take time to slow down and observe, you can see what actually is. This is meditation in itself. You whiteness yourself from a neutral space, just like you would watch the clouds pass in the sky. And if you practice over and over again to remain in this neutrality, you let go of self judgement and find compassion for the self. You can then transform, moving from a state of ignorance to a state of awareness. Stepping out of the mat you are different, you have shifted your energy, you are never the same. 

We soothe ourselves and call ourselves back to balance each time we practice yoga. We take time to connect on a deeper level with the parts of ourselves that we’ve neglected and pushed to the backseat. We remember again our inner beauty and what exists within our hearts that is beyond the physical identity. Perfectly imperfect we embrace ourselves in our own vulnerability and take a risk to look at what is from a space of acceptance. Beyond the physical postures, beyond the breath exists our inner light that is eternal. Each time we move towards and embody it, we are coming home again.

When love is freely given it has no limits, no conditions, it flows like water, washing away sorrows and wrapping us in a feeling of security, safety and belonging. When we love ourselves with such radical intensity, this love spills over and permeates everything and everyone we touch with our energy.

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