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Alla’s interview with Lena Thompson on a topic of “Ayurveda For Better Health”. We discussed how Yoga practice can have different health effects depending on an individual Ayurvedic constitution, and how Ayurveda Yoga Therapy works not only on a physical aspect of being, but also on the emotional, mental and spiritual layers. We covered individual Ayurvedic constitutions and Present Dominant Elements such as Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and how knowing this can help correct any compromised health and wellbeing with the right Ayurveda Yoga Program.

Watch “Listening To The Vibrations Of The Universe” “The Spiritual Awakener Podcast” interview with Susan Kennard

Listen on iTunes “Listening To the Vibrations Of The Universe” “The Spiritual Awakener Podcast interview with Susan Kennard. In this episode Alla and Susan discuss:

Turning in to the subconscious mind

Being in a relationship that is not a vibrational match to you

Finding clarity and confidence by listening to the guides

The importance of connecting with yourself

Key Takeaways:

Your vibrations connect back to your past lives and past family members, be aware that you may need to heal from past life traumas.

As children, we remember who we are.

Find people on the same wavelength as you.

It’s not your job to change someone, some people just aren’t ready to awaken.

“After I was conditioned to try and fit into this physical world I gave up a lot of my inner knowings.” – Alla Kozyreva

Read my interview with FitMyTime about my mission as a Yoga teacher, who inspires me, personal health challenges, what my Yoga classes looks like and more “Creating Ripple Affect With Alla Kozyreva” on Medium publishing

‘Move Into Living Well” podcast interview with Shira Cohen. During our conversation we addressed specific health issues, disease, emotional and mental imbalances, and returning into feeling whole. We discussed how physical disease is the manifestation of a long process, and talked of the vast potential Ayurveda has to offer Yoga by being body positive. That daily lifestyle changes can transform chronic health challenges by understanding our nature and imbalance through Doshas, the elements. At the end of the podcast I guided the listeners through a simple breathing technique and mindfulness meditation.

In this interview Paul Essery was asking me:

– Why I became an entrepreneur

– The problems that I solve for customers

– The insight that enabled me to create a business

– My Ayurveda Yoga Therapy program that I offer as a solution

– What makes me unique and special 

AshaExperience worldwide webinar on the topic of  “Sexual Health and Ayurveda”. The importance of sexual health for our physical and emotional well-being. 

Interview with Rita De Michele, the founder of Onus App “YOGA EXPERT FINDS PAIN RELIEF WITH AYURVEDA THERAPY”.

During the interview i talk about how my work brings people on a journey from experiencing pain and compromised health into a feeling of renewed energy and vitality they never thought was possible.

I also share my past experience with persistent chronic pain, chronic fatigue, migraines and stiffness, and how Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurveda Yoga Therapy transformed my health to become symptom free – experiencing physical and emotional balance. 

I talk about my life purpose – to create real physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation in people’s lives, which i offer through my one-on-one online Ayurveda Yoga Therapy program.

In my interview with Rajesh baker, the founder of Make You Brand, I share about my business and the motivation behind it. I talk about success stories of the clients who benefited from my personalised programs to help them live healthier and more balanced lives, free from tension and chronic pain.