Alla Yoga Therapy


“I felt it was very beneficial for me to be met in my condition of how I was feeling when I came with very imbalanced Vata. So not too strenuous a process, but I felt very much met in my needs of my great fatigue and tension in my body and tiredness in my whole system. And I feel that the program that you made, Alla, was so supportive of me.” – Madeira, Denmark.

“It was my first classes with Alla, and also I am a Yin Yoga beginner as well, and just Yoga in general. It was really relaxing, it made me feel very comfortable, because Alla was really good at leading people, but also making sure that everyone was comfortable in their own ability.” – Jessica, Australia; Julie, Australia; Josh, Australia; Monica, USA.

“So it was my first experience doing meditation, and I would like to thank Alla for that. The whole experience of waking up early in the morning and waiting for this moment, where I would realise something new with each meditation session was really great.” – Pradeep, Deepak, Karan, Rohan from India.

“I met Alla a year and a half ago in the beginning of 2020 in India, where I was at the Ayurvedic clinic for some detoxification and rejuvenation program. And Alla was my private Yoga instructor. She gave me valuable Asanas and practices , she met me daily at the centre, corrected my posture, my work, and with her help I’ve achieved great results. I started to feel better, energised, had a good sleep, so I highly recommend her.” – Tatjana, Slovenia.

“I have been going to Alla’s Yoga classes for three weeks doing both Hatha and Yin Yoga, which is something i’ve never done before, i’ve always done Vinyasa. Doing Hatha and Yin i really enjoyed it, because it’s more relaxed, it gives you more pause. Alla really encourages you to listen to yourself and pay attention to your body…” – Clara, Spain.